Banana and cherry nicecream

Good for breakfast, dessert or snack. Nicecream never bores!



food processor or blender

1 frozen banana in slices
2 cups of frozen cherries
1/3 cup of soy milk / oat milk / almond milk / …
2 tbsp coconut sugar
1/2 fresh banana in slices
puffed quinoa

Take the frozen banana and cherries from the freezer, already put them in your machine so they can get a little soft. Wait 15 minutes before you start mixing.
If you make nicecream it’s wise to prepare first all your toppings before you start mixing. So you can start eating right away the nicecream doesn’t start melting. Put the banana slices on the bottom of your bowl.

Mix the fruit and the coconut sugar together with half the soy milk (or …). Little by little add additional milk. ( only if necessary) but keep in mind that you maintain an ice texture and no smoothie.

Serve in a bowl and decorate with your favorite toppings!








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  1. Wauw, die kleuren alleen al!


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